POsing beach classics 2020



After all the hard work and preparation, you want to make sure that you will shine on stage. To make sure that you don’t make any mistakes on stage that are going to cost you points, we organize official IFBB posing lessons. Our top coaches from the Benelux will help you develop the best posing and inform you about the latest developments in IFBB rules. You get tips and tricks from the best athletes, judges, and official IFBB coaches.

Beach Classics is organized by ABC Events. Like all our contests we organize official IFBB “Posing Clinics”. These Clinics are free for all IFBB members worldwide. So if you are a member of BIFBB, NBBF, IFBB Luxembourg, … you can join us.

Posing clinic for all official IFBB categories.

Who is going to be at this posing clinic?
  • Organizers from ABC Events organizers of Beach Classics
  • Official IFBB judges and board members.
  • Our official IFBB coaches (man and woman all categories)

Date: 30-08-2020 (Sunday)
Location: Heracles Westerlo “HQ BIFBB Belgium”
Address: Boskant 14, 2260 Westerlo
Schedule: 13:00 – 16:00 — We are going to set up a time date for each category. So on Friday, you will get a mail with the correct time you need to be al the location.
The times are going to be between 12:00h and 16:00h

We hope to see you at the posing clinic.

Posing Clinic

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