Price changes

We, as an organization, must follow strict measures if we are to organize an event in times of Corona. Not only are there restrictions imposed by the National Security Council and government, but the venue that hires event halls has its own measures and regulations. In addition, we must also comply with IFBB International’s regulations.

Under the current measures, an indoor event may again be organized for up to 200 people. As of October 1, 2021, this will be increased to 500 persons. We want to give our athletes the opportunity to be on the podium this year without compromising on the quality of the competition and prizes. This has ensured that we are obliged to raise prices. Please note: these prices will only be used during the Corona measures. As soon as we can organize it in a normal way again, prices will drop again.

Attention: there will be limited places (sold out = sold out) and buying tickets on the spot is not possible. Do you want to come and have a look? Then order your tickets on time!

Access and mouth mask requirement

You can enter the event without a Covid Safe Pass and without submitting a test. However, it is always mandatory to wear a mouth mask and keep your distance!

It is mandatory at all times to wear a mouth mask when moving around. Only when sitting down may you remove the mouth mask. Protect yourself and your environment.

Wash your hands

It is important to wash and sanitize your hands regularly. When entering, everyone is required to wear a mask and disinfect hands. There will be several dispensers where you can disinfect your hands.


Rules for the athletes


  • face mask mandatory for athletes, coaches, judges, security, and officials
  • security at the entrance and exit
  • disinfection at entrance and exit
  • both athletes and coaches always wear a mouth mask. The athlete should only take off the mask just before entering the stage.
  • keep 1,5 m apart
  • desinfect your hands regularly with the provided desinfection backstage
  • coaches who go backstage cannot go and see the room. Due to the restrictions on the audience, there is no passage between the backstage and the hall.


  • mouth mask mandatory when weighing for athlete, official and security
  • security at entrance and exit
  • disinfection at entrance and exit


  • an athlete does not wear a mask and gloves on stage
  • sufficient distance between each athlete by marked places on the podium
  • for photos, the officials and judges use 1.5 m distance